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Introduction of SouYute Group

Dongguan SouYute clothing Co., Ltd was the previous name for SouYute Group founded in Dongguan city, a frontier city of China’s reform and opening-up, Guangdong province in December 2005. It develops steadily and rapidly from running the casual clothing brand of“CELUCASN”. SouYute Group has successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange in November 2010 (Stock Code: 002503). At present, SouYute Group has developed into an asset of more than 10 billion yuan with 2500 employees and has become a famous and fashionable industrial group limited with, which covers many areas like the operation of casual clothing brand, supply chain management, brand management, business factoring and investments etc.

SouYute Group achieved operating income of 18.33 billion yuan and net profit of 610 million yuan, paying state tax 580 million yuan. SouYute was ranked 95th on the list of "2018 Top 500 Guangdong Enterprises", and was ranked 28th in the list of "2018 Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong Province". What’s more, in the "Top 100 companies in the clothing Industry 2017" published by the China Garment Association, SouYute Group ranked 7th in the list. 2018, SouYute was listed in "China Top 500 Enterprises" for the first time released by Fortune 2018 ranking No.402, marking that SouYute Group formally entered the ranks of large-scale integrated industrial groups in China.

SouYute Group runs “CELUCASN”, a China top 10 famous casual clothing brand with “Fast Fashion of Parity” as brand positioning, domestic third and fourth line market as sales focus and with young consumers as customer group. The company focuses on the high-end procedures in garment industry like brand promotion, research and development design and construction of marketing channel etc. A road with high yield, low energy consumption and sustainable development without pollution has been achieved through the business model of production and processing all outsourcing. At present, there are nearly 2,000 "CELUCASN" brand clothing stores in China.

For the supply chain management, SouYute Group currently has established 12 subsidiary companies in the area of textile and apparel industry cluster across the country to offer the supply chain management services for fashion industry merchants. Like R & D design, centralized purchasing and warehousing distribution etc.

In terms of brand management, SouYute Group now has 3 brand management holding subsidiaries all over the country providing brand management services for fashion industry merchants like store management, product display, brand promotion, personnel training and O2O marketing etc.

For the commercial factoring, SouYute Group offers commercial factoring services such as trade finance, receivables management and collection, and credit risk control etc. for fashion industrial merchants with Shenzhen Qianhai Souyin Commercial factoring Co., Ltd as the operating platform

For the external investment business, SouYute Group has been actively expending its investment in recent year. It invested in ramie cotton art for ladies--INMAN, TOYOUTH, fashionable & big size for women's wear--THIN MORE, QIANXIULI, fashionable folk dress for ladies--SLLSKY, fashion Chinese women's wear--YUNSIMUXIANG, commuted young lady's suits--OLRAIN, ladies lingerie--Xzyd and other various styles of Chinese E-commerce clothing brands. It also invested in other fields, such as Beijing SEC, the best Chinese retail online education training platform, LALAMI, one of the largest cross-border e-commerce platforms, and TIME CAPSULE, the top brand "Time Capsule" of Chinese university coffee chain.

Through the fruitful development of various sectors, SouYute Group will become a leading service provider of fashion and life industry in China.

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